The Successful Africans

6: Starting 2 tech companies after being laid off - Asafu Thomas of Nayalabs

April 10, 2020

On this episode, Abisola interviews Asafu Thomas, CEO of Naya Labs. Once upon a time, Asafu got laid off from his job, THE END! Or not... Asafu, used that as a prime opportunity to start his own company, which made $1.8M at its peak. Talk about turning your "bad" to "good"! Since then, Asafu sold his first company and started a second one. He also invests in other startups. 

Two things stand out in Asafu’s story. The first is how he has built a solid network of relationships that he often leverages. The second is his passion for Africa. Asafu sources talent in Africa, trains them, and hires them as developers in his company. Both of these are main factors in Asafu’s success, but even more so, his involvement in sourcing talent from Africa is his own unique way of giving back. 

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